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Gorgeous Hand-Made Art Glass Beads from All Over the World Sterling Silver Beads, Bracelets, and Bangles Colorful, one-of-a-kind creations, to encircle And grace any wrist. Choose from available Designs or custom order to personalize for Gifts or for yourself. Necklaces also.

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Bellezza; Italian for beauty, loveliness. Certainly the rich look for the woman who craves opulence, gorgeousness, beauty from another era such as The Paduan Renaissance. Eleven handmade jewel-tone works of art play against the light. The colors? Starting at top right, next to the sterling silver, beaded edged lock, is a soft petal pink, swirled with arabesqued gold, next celadon, a green named in seventeenth century France, again with gold arabesque glazing, pale carnation pink with gold dotting, poppy, azure, orchid, mango-coral, onyx, bottle green, magenta, and deep violet.. colors you’d admire in a gorgeous stained glass cathedral window. And to enhance but not compete, look at the ornate sterling silver beads that remind me of the parapet of a medieval castle, each encased by beaded sterling spacers. All slipped onto a solid silver Chamilia bead clasp bracelet lovely enough to wear on its own. Remember, if you are clever and want to play with these beads..use two for small hoop earrings, or to slip on a white gold or sterling chain, just open the lock bead and slip off these beauties. Rearrange, and if you can’t get them back the original way, just look up the photograph shown here on this website. Send me your wrist measurement to make sure you get the fit that you like…I love this bracelet and it fits well on my 7 1/4 wrist…if I tried, I could probably roll it off. And remember, I’m here to answer any and all questions. If you’d like several of these beads for a white gold or sterling chain you already own, just let me know.


The year is 1500…a morning in the  Duchy of Venice, in Northern Italy, with the bottle greens and lapis blues of the sea still in shadow, the orange, carnelian, and rosy pink of the sunrise,  the street awash with the sounds of a new day. Colored cloaks vanish around the stone corner of an ornate building, the palace of the Doge, and his lady, La Dogaresa. Sunlight refracting off water, the silver swirls, the wakes of a silent  gondola vanishing  into the morning mist. This is what comes to mind when I gaze at the Renaissance colors of this silver bangle..swirls, swiss dots, glorious ambers, greens, ochres, Adriatic blues and turquoise, wine and strawberry reds, roseate pinks. All.sensuously blend with textured silvers that remind me of a once great famly’s  coat of arms. I searched far and long to find the gorgeous artisan glass and the lovely silver to create this bracelet. Who would have ever imagined an artisan named Krissa, in our present century, working at this ancient art in one of the historic villages of South Carolina.known for fine riding horses and sweet grasslands. Surely Krissa lived before in another life, in the wonderful 1500’s, in the heart of the Venetian Renaissance. This young woman clandestinely learned a craft forbidden to females at that time, and with her artistic inclinations, carried this talent through the ages to the beautiful countryside of the Carolinas. And look what we have: a most enchanting symbol of a more wondrous era of voluptuous beauty that heralded the coming of the Baroque and the Rococo. This is probably, right now, my most enchanting design. Take a look and tell me if you agree.


A most ornate sterling silver bangle with rococo end beads features faceted emerald green glass silver-cored beads from Tasmania accented with a variety of sterling silver designs…very dressy with lots of class. Elegant  with a simple black dress or silk pant suit. Note the pretty emerald flower focal bead set off by the faceted green glass and accordion pleated sterling.


Sweet Subtle Bling

Colorful Choice Yours

Jade Bouquet

Jade Flower


The combination of black and silver enchants in this wear anywhere, day or night, bracelet.  Eleven hand forged art glass beads,  some scrolled, some dotted in tiny beads, by Krissa of the Carolina’s compliment  nine antiqued textured silver beads highlighted with twenty-one rope coil spacers. The Biagi  snap bead clasp bracelet is .925 sterling silver and is secured with a sterling silver stop bead covered with tiny hearts. The sterling silver focal bead has a lined design and is larger than the other silver beads.  Imagine this moonlit bracelet at the end of a black chiffon sleeve, or a tailored red jacket sleeve.  $225.   Made to order so that you can choose how you want this black beauty custom made. One of a kind.  No one will have a bracelet just like this one.